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What others think of their experience

Customer Experiences:

  • "Harvest Grain has been a great service provider for Joe Tex . They have very professional drivers that get the job done . Dominique will answer the phones over the weekend without fail . I recommend them for any job in flatbed transportation. "  -Aaron Walker

  • "You guys are awesome and always come through!! " -Shawn Ash

  • “Harvest Grain maintains professional operations and top of the line customer service when compared with leading competitors in our area.” -Freddie J. Rocha

  • "Great carrier! Their Communication is great! " -Victor Angulo

  • "Hello! My name is Kristy Money,   I am a dispatcher  for DSV  Road,  formally UTI.    I have had the pleasure of working with both Dominique and Olivia at HARVEST GRAIN  for the past 2 years!    They have provided excellent service for us as carriers!     They are great about always picking up and delivering loads on time with no problems!     I will give this company an A PLUS rating!!    I really appreciate you booking loads with me...   Thank you very much for your dedicated service." -Kristy Money 

  • "We have worked with Harvest Grain Inc for a number of years and many loads. We have found the drivers to be professional and on-time. Our customers have requested that we use them for additional loads to the same location. Communication with Harvest Grain’s dispatch department is dependable, personable, and professional. They respond to our requests and deliver on their promises. I would highly recommend their services"  -James E Stuart  Illinois Logistics Group

  •  "Harvest Grain is a carrier you can count on.  They provide top notch service with excellent communication and go above and beyond to get the job done right and on time!"  -Brad Montana

  •  "I've been working with Harvest Grain for 2 years...they are fantastic! They always get it done and great communications. I wish I could use them all the time.." - Nick MTC

  •  “They have been a huge help to TA services, always go the extra mile, provide great communication, and do everything they can to get the job done.  Great Carrier.” -Josh Wideman  

  •  "My name is Corey and I work for Coyote Logistics. Dominique and the entire Harvest Grain team have been great to work with, and I will always look to book our freight with Harvest Grain as they provide exceptional communication and service to each load -- and are always on time." - Corey Pettit

  •  "I love working with this bunch. The operations department is very informative and I can always trust that Dominique and her gang keep me well informed on what is going on. The drivers pickup and deliver on time and that makes me very happy. Peace. " - April Burr

  •  “I have been in the logistics business for over 30 years and value quality carriers and Harvest Grain Inc is one such carrier. They pick up and deliver on time with no hassle and if a problem occurs they will tell you immediately which I always appreciate. Their operations staff is always a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them“ -Brian Rafferty President MBT Logistics Inc 

Contractor Experiences:

  •  It has been a pleasure working with Harvest Grain. They treat their Carriers with the utmost respect & genuinely worry about the Carrier & their drivers. They work diligently to make sure all parties involved communicate properly & all are happy. Their rates are good & have never had a problem with getting paid for the work we do.  - Brytney Klos  KDK Trucking

  •  "Great to work with. Always finds loads when I need it. Pay period is not long. Very friendly and I plan on continuing to work with them. I am proud to call them friends."  -Ryan Jacobsen  H&R Jacobson Inc

  •  "I worked for Harvest Grain Inc. for a little while in the office. Never having any experience in an office Dominique was very patient with me while I learned the ropes, even the drivers had patience. I would recommend working for Harvest Grain Inc. anyone, from being a driver to working in the office. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, after a while you'll think if them as your own family!!" - Miranda Hoffman

  • "I worked for Harvest Grain for right around 4 months as a driver. It was an enjoyable experience. The variety was nice, switching from flatbed to hopper. The hours are definitely there and they are flexible with your schedule. Overall good experience and great people to work with and for." - Caleb Davis

  •  "When my family moved here 3.5 years ago, Harvest Grain was my first job. The owners and staff were so wonderful they instantly became like family. Their trucks are well maintained and they are quick to fix any problems. I had nothing short of a great experience with them. This locally owned family business is one that i will forever be grateful for."  -Floyd Cooksey

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